We All Need a Day Of Reflection

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My favorite day of the week. Always on a Sunday, I allow myself time to relax, reflect and imagine my future. It is my own personal Sunday service.

Always on a Sunday, I relax which starts with a bit of a lie-in. I take my time and allow myself a minute to absorb the morning sun that floods through my bedroom window. It is a kind of spiritual path to my ongoing life healing and inspiring energy. It starts my engine in a gentle way. It starts me with a smile.

My Sunday Ritual

This Sunday service ritual of mine has been my habit for the past two decades since I have been a divorced single mom. This is the day that I pause and reset. A new week ahead gives me a shot at renewal. I recharge my batteries on this day and nourish my soul. My kids also learned a kind of a reset through this little ritual of mine too. Seeing their mom slow her roll on this day somehow gave them silent permission to settle down and rest. The frantic chase of a Saturday of chores, grocery shopping, birthday parties, and play dates gives way to quiet time. A space where we all reload our energy storage.

Sunday is my day to do some reflection. Reflections that have found a home in my writing. A day that allowed me to write for DivorcedMoms.com with the hope of helping other women like me. This safe harbor day gives me space for no self-judgment, only gratification. This day always allows me to see my glass half full, as I drink up the memories which shape my future too.

Winter Sundays

On a winter Sunday, I sit by the fire and watch the winter birds out of my picture window as they flit around the feeder. I listen to soft music which always seems to be themed to their movements.

And always on a summer Sunday, I open the big glass doors to my backyard and hear the birds singing as they still flit around the feeder. The warm sun and the cool ocean breeze along with the sound of the palm trees as the wind ruffles the fronds and all fill my senses and make their way into my house to clear my mind.

In the early days of being a single mom, my Sunday ritual was bookended by my two children who were either quietly drawing, reading or playing as I sat writing. It was our space just to be. No pressure.

Do You Have a Day of Reflection?

Whatever stage you are at in your journey as a divorced mom, find your own quiet rituals that you too can cherish and continue to practice. My children are both adults now and I see the benefits of how this one special day of the week has shaped their own rituals.

Both have taken this into their lives and continue to cherish their quiet time to recharge, reset and reload. This practice is one that will be a legacy in my family I think. And for that, we will all be better prepared for life’s shifts. I’m grateful for that too.

Always on a Sunday is my family ritual, but you may find it to be always on a Thursday or always on a Friday. Whatever day you can find for this, just do it. You too will benefit from this self-prescribed time out.

I wish you all your very own days of quiet reflection.

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