Why Vanessa Trump Pulled The Trigger On Her Divorce Is Finally Clear

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They had been married since 2005, but in March of 2018, Vanessa Trump announced she was filing for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. Unlike other Trump family members, Vanessa mostly stayed out of the news, but there were still plenty of rumors about what led to the divorce from the President’s son. Believe it or not, Don Jr. was not her first high-profile romance, so she’s definitely dealt with public scrutiny before. Let’s take a look at some things you might not know about Vanessa Trump and find out why she pulled the trigger on her divorce with Donald Trump Jr.

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Vanessa’s choice | 0:00
Hollywood dreams? | 1:12
Leo and a gangster | 2:05
Harsh words | 3:31
Cheap move | 4:24
Stay-at-home mom | 5:15
Terrifying letter | 6:17
Political problems | 7:17
Don’s affair | 8:18
Don’s new flame | 9:29
Tight with Trumps | 10:13
Vanessa the heiress | 11:02



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