Winning a Toxic Narcissistic Divorce | Attorney Marco Brown

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Marco Brown is a Divorce Attorney based out of Salt Lake City Utah. Duane found Marco through his TikTok channel where he shares advice and tactics on all things divorce. He has produced outstanding content on high conflict, toxic, and narcissistic divorces and during this show he is going to share that knowledge with you. Marco is one of the few attorneys I’ve found that “gets it”. In this episode they discuss how to find a really good attorney, the pitfalls of self-representation, do you need a “pit bull” attorney, does mental health diagnosis help, will you lose if you have depression, restraining orders, parental alienation and much more!

❋ Marco Brown – [https://www.utdivorceattorney.com/]
❋ Marco Brown TikTok – [https://www.tiktok.com/@divorceattorney/video/6859781073337978117?source=h5_m]

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📖 Table of Contents
00:00 – Start of show
01:50 – Introduction of Attorney Marco Brown
04:49 – How do you find a really good attorney
09:46 – The emotional pitfalls of self-representation
14:06 – Do you need a “pit bull” attorney?
16:22 – How do deal when you’ve been kicked out of the house
18:12 – My ex is diagnosed will it help?
23:18 – Will I lose the kids if I have depression?
26:12 – My friends say I’m going to lose
27:56 – How should I interview my attorney?
31:44 – False allegations
33:42 – Presenting the right information in the right way
35:27 – Restraining/Protective Orders
39:40 – When our day in court doesn’t go as expected
43:36 – How do I show I’m not the problem
46:48 – Parental Alienation, do the courts believe it?
51:38 – You need themes amount of time with your children
55:06 – What do I do if I’m out of money to fight?
57:22 – Parting thoughts with Marco
59:31 – End of show wrap-up

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