BILL GATES के DIVORCE के पीछे की असल वजह क्या थी? Real Reason Behind Bill Gate's Divorce

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Hello friends, did you know Microsoft co-founder and world’s third-richest man Bill Gates divorced his wife Melinda Gates because he had an ongoing affair with someone? Who is this woman? And you know there’s a college where all Santa Claus from all around the world come to study! In fact in Haiti country, many slums eat biscuits made from mud, because of poverty and illiteracy!! And tell me, have you seen Nissan company’s automatic parking shoes that they invented through a pro pilot technology in Japan’s Yokohama Hotel? No? And you know, if you eat Devrom tablets, then you can kiss goodbye to your fart smell because they have a chemical that prevents the smell to come out. Not kidding!! In fact, since 1943, that is before the start of World War 3, sliced bread was banned in the USA despite it being high on demand. Why so? Well, to know such interesting facts stay tuned in our today’s video!

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