Details Revealed About Meghan Markle's Dad

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Meghan Markle was already pretty famous before she met Prince Harry, seeing how she was the star of USA’s legal drama Suits. But when it was announced that the two would be tying the knot, Markle quickly became a household name. Shortly after her name made headlines around the world, stories about her family started bubbling to the surface. Her half-siblings were soon being interviewed on TV, to likely embarrassing results for Meghan, since they didn’t have nice things to say, and the overall family dynamic seemed complicated, to say the least. But those revealing moments paled in comparison to the story of Meghan’s father. Here are some interesting details about the life of Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle.

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Working in entertainment | 0:00
First marriage | 1:10
Meghan Markle’s parents | 2:09
Taking Meghan to set | 2:58
Winning the lottery | 3:32
Paying for school | 4:18
Filing for bankruptcy | 4:58
Paparazzi stunt | 5:43
Health in the headlines | 6:33
Threatening to sue | 7:19
Waiting for the day | 8:09
Public opinions | 8:56
Criticizing Meghan | 9:43

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