Triple H Furious… Triple H Breaks Up With Stephanie… McMahon Takes Anger Out On Triple H…

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are two of the biggest names in the wrestling industry, naturally, due to their years in the business. As Vince McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon was given a high position backstage, despite many officials not really appreciating that.
Even before he got together with Stephanie, Triple H was someone that Vince McMahon trusted for advice, and he sat in on meetings with the chairman about how to change things going forward or how to book segments or wrestlers.
In his official position he gained more influence, and being married to the boss’s daughter definitely helped him in his goal to become a part of the corporate structure in WWE. While recently with health issues and the apparent failure of NXT, he has lost a lot of ground, as the one who should take over from Vince McMahon, he’s still been an enormous influence on the current picture in WWE.
But what would have happened had he not been together with Stephanie?
With that being the case, this is Wrestling Hub, and in this video, we will talk about what would happen had Triple H and Stephanie McMahon broken up in Hunter’s prime.

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