Ep 02/07 | Swami Prem Pablo | Osho's Old Sannyasin | Jurgen Von Czarnowsky | Ma Dharm Jyoti

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Swami Prem Pablo (Osho June 1981)
Swami Prem Siddhartha (Arun, Osho Tapoban, Nepal, May 2017)
Jurgen Von Czarnowsky

before Sannyas: Middle class German family, protestant religion, parents divorce when age 10, mother married again in Switzerland, top education, international boarding school, University Berlin, active in Student Rebellion 1968, first job in German government, Federal trade Commission ….Travel South America….1978 Owner and CEO small company in Frankfurt. First contact meditation in Osho center in Frankfurt, participating in Osho therapy and meditation groups, Sannyas in Frankfurt.
After taking Sannyas: first Osho Commune, Sangham, in Southern France, donating most of payout money from company in Germany, helping to manage Commune of 150 Sannyasins of 14 nationalities, a taste of Osho Commune and getting a taste of Osho’s vision. Sangham was closed down – a shock for my early Sannyas life (!). This turned out to be a Blessing because joining Rajneesh Services International, Cologne Germany; coordinating European centers and businesses, and fundraising for building city of Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA. RSI was integrated part of Osho Commune in Cologne, 400 Sannyasins, regular job changes in Commune, traveling Europe Communes, spreading videos and stories about the building of Rajneeshpuram.

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