Imran Khan reasons for his divorce with Jemima Khan | Imran Aur Jemima Ki Talaq Ka Qisa

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Imran Khan was more than a cricketer when he captained Pakistan. He became a demi-God. Now the talk in Pakistan is of Imran using his enormous popular support to lead his country again, perhaps as prime minister. And at his side will be his young bride, Jemima. She is half his age, the daughter of a British billionaire and born Jewish. But Jana Wendt discovers she is adapting quickly to her new life in Lahore. Imran and Jemima give their first interview at home since their marriage and talk of politics, love, Islamic life and Imran’s old playboy days.
In This Video #Cricket Legend Imran khan Jemima marriage held in 20 JUN 1995. #imrankhan and #Jemima arrived at register office, where Fan of imran khan claping for them. Imran Khan wear White suit over was-coat. Jemima come with white dress with beautiful Hat. Imran khan and Jemima come together in front of Media for photo shot. Later on Imran khan marriage with Reham Khan and third marriage with Bushra BB.


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