What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Remarriage?

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For those of us who believe the whole Word of YHWH is true and good, there are many misconceptions of beliefs and doctrines left over from our previous religious upbringing that must be weeded out and pruned. It is our task to reexamine everything we have ever been taught about Scripture and to always question everything we think we know. And this subject is no different. It is perhaps one of the most controversial subjects discussed. Misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding divorce and remarriage have divided homes, reeked havoc in marriages, and torn families apart. It is amazing how little people truly understand what Scripture says. It is important not only for us to understand and apply what Scripture says in present day, but also for our future generations – our children – to understand as well. What has the Church hidden from you? Do you know the Truth or just what you have been told? Do you want the rest of the story? Can you handle it? Was Yeshua (Jesus) a Christian? Was He a Pharisaical Jew who died for our sins? Or was He teaching something radical and different than mainstream Judaism of his day taught, something different than Mainstream Christianity today? Something that got Him killed and His message hidden after His ascension? Is the Truth still out there, buried in long-forgotten books and vague historical references by the very men that wiped out the original faith and message once delivered to the saints? I invite you to join me as I search out the original Faith of the Yeshua and the 12 Apostles.


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