4 Reasons To Remodel Your Bedroom Post Divorce

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4 Reasons To Remodel Your Bedroom Post Divorce

Are you going through a divorce? If you are, one great way to distract yourself and move forward is to remodel your bedroom.

One of the most tragic life experiences for anyone is divorce. Not only has a once-promising union come to an end, but it is a loss that can feel like a loss of life. Some people will celebrate the finalization of divorce as a way to move on, but it can be challenging to move on when you shared so much that was personal, including your bedroom. 

If you still have the same bedroom you had when you were married, it could be holding you back from moving on. Here are 4 reasons you want to change these deeply personal surroundings and remodel your bedroom. 

4 Reasons You Should Remodel Your Bedroom After Divorce

1. The Same Bed

If you’re sleeping on the same bed you shared with your spouse, does it really feel like it’s your bed? There are many ways to move on from divorce, but keeping that bed is holding you back. How old is your mattress? Did you know the lifespan of a mattress varies by the manufacturer? Odds are it’s time to move on anyway. Get a new mattress and sell your old bed frame. Get a bed that reflects your individuality instead of who you were in a marriage.

2. The Shared Closet

Does your closet look half-empty? If your clothes are still shoved to one side of this small space or are slowly trickling into the other space, it’s time to do something about it. This closet is now all about you. Buy some new storage and shelving for your shoes, jewelry, scarves, mementos, and anything else that you need to store. There’s no reason to reserve that space. Your spouse isn’t coming back and the last thing you need to be doing is thinking of reserving it for someone else. Give yourself time to heal and find yourself. You may discover you actually like being on your own. 

3. Other Furniture

Now you need to take a look at the rest of the furniture in your room. Did you have it before your marriage or did you get it during your marriage? It doesn’t really matter when you got it as much as how it makes you feel. If you’re hanging on to it because it’s beautiful or valuable, but it still reminds you of your marriage, let go. If you find it still has value to you, put it in another room and give it another function.

By allowing it to provide a different service to you, the memories of your marriage won’t be as pronounced. Aside from letting it serve another purpose, you can also make it look different by resurfacing it. Or, you could give it to a family member to hold onto until you decide exactly what you want to do with it.

4. The Memories

There’s no way around it. Every time you walk into your bedroom you have memories of your ex. It’s really a very simple fix. New paint and curtains will make it look like an entirely different room. If you’re going to reuse anything you had hanging on the wall, put it in a different place. Go for curtains that reflect your style. Don’t stay neutral because that’s how he or she preferred it. If you were always a colorful person, slap some color on those walls and pick out curtains that shout to your extroverted ways. Of course, you can always do visa versa as well. The point isn’t about color. It’s about reflecting who you are and walking into that same room and feeling like it was always your space. 

There is no other space in your home as personal to you as your bedroom, which is why you need to spend time making it uniquely yours. If you’re struggling just being in your room because it reminds you of your ex-spouse, it may be time to remodel your bedroom.

If you find that other areas of your home also bring back reminders of your ex, you can use these same tips for those areas as well. Everything from rearranging furniture to painting the walls and changing the curtains can make your home look like a completely different space. Make it speak to you.

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