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Today we discuss husbands who are abused or betrayed by their wives, and look at the 10 KEY TAKEAWAYS. We’ll hear these men’s first-person stories.

If you’re a woman who thought this could never happen, think again. If you’re a man who believes this could never happen to smart successful men, not true. If you think it could only happen to a man from a dysfunctional home, wake up. GOOD NEWS! These men all found excellent counseling, their destructive marriages ended, and all are very happily remarried today.

05:21 – POLL: How many people in the audience know at least one man who was abused or betrayed in his marriage?

We hear the stories of “Gary” and “John” and we discuss the prevalence of various kinds of abuse:

1. Gary’s marriage to a serial cheating wife. Adultery IS abuse. 32:11
2. What percentage of wives have cheated? (See the graph.) 30:18
3. What percentage of men and women have experienced intimate partner violence? 30:52
4. John’s Story of emotion coercion, isolation, and false accusations. 32:11
5. Ten takeaways from men’s stories 51:47

For another excellent case study, listen to “David,” a software tech startup entrepreneur, as he tells his story: https://youtu.be/23NBi6GKqUA

Gretchen Baskerville is a Christian divorce recovery leader and researcher. For more than 20 years, she has worked with Christian women and men going through difficult, life-saving divorces, listening with compassion to those who have suffered from domestic violence, betrayal, infidelity, and emotional abuse. She helps heartbroken people find strength and courage and healing.

Her book, “The Life-Saving Divorce” is about the one-half of U.S. divorces that are for very serious reasons. She will give you optimism about your children’s future (nearly 8 in 10 children turn out fine after divorce, according to top researchers); and will help you understand emotional abuse, “gaslighting,” the abuse cycle, and tips for surviving high-conflict divorces.

FOR A DISCUSSION ON THE TOPIC OF abused or betrayed husbands, read Chapter 9 in The Life-Saving Divorce book.

What’s a Life-Saving Divorce? A Life-Saving Divorce is a divorce for the serious reasons: a pattern of chronic emotional abuse, infidelity, domestic violence, sexual immorality, felony behavior, neglect, substance abuse, etc.

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