Wednesday, July 24 – “My Wife Has Turned Into A Diva!” On DIVORCE COURT

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Dwayne accuses his wife of becoming a diva after the couple moved from a small town in Indiana to the neon city of Las Vegas. Dwayne says things got worse after the couple appeared on a reality show (5 years ago), and says his wife wants to legally change her name to “D’eva.” Dwayne says his wife is a “designer label whore” who calls him a “nerd” and even threw away his favorite “vintage Bill Cosby sweaters!” Dwayne also says his wife is setting a bad example for their 4 kids, and says he can no longer stand being married to a diva! D’eva says her husband is a “hater” because everyone knows her name. D’eva says she’s ready to party and enjoy the good life…with or without her husband!


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