She met her lover online, moved in together, used all her money and now she is missing | Irene Gakwa

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When Irene Gakwa left Kenya in 2019 for the US, her dream was to become a nurse and explore more opportunities in the healthcare industry. But what many people did not know was that Irene had met a man by the name of Nathan Hightman on a social platform known as Craiglist and they moved in together shortly after.
Then Irene went missing and Immediately, Nathan withdrew more than $3000 from her account and maxed out another $3230 from her credit account. To his defense, Nathan said he removed the money to force Irene to come back to him.

All Nathan was charged with was two felony counts of theft and unlawful use of Irene’s credit card. He still insists Irene packed her items in a paper bag and drove off in a black SUV and he has nothing to do with her disappearance.

On this episode of Tales, Irene’s father walks Lynn on his daughter’s life growing up, his love for her, how all this has changed his family, why he is using a colostomy bag and why his wife is facing a dialysis problem

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