Come Follow Me – Isaiah 50-57 part 1 (chp. 50-53): "Man of Sorrows"

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Part 1 of a 2-part in-depth study of Isaiah 50-57(this part will cover chapters 50-53). This lesson focuses on feeling forsaken, the tongue of the learned, fading fashions, sparks, beautiful garments and beautiful feet, the suffering servant, substitutionary atonement, the Savior’s seed, and more. Join Jared Halverson for your weekly Come Follow Me study of the Old Testament!

0:00 Introduction
3:21 The Isaiah Relay in the Book of Mormon
9:40 Feeling Forsaken
19:44 The Tongue of the Learned
21:40 Submitting to His Persecutors
27:50 Fading Fashions
30:57 The Lord’s Light or Our Sparks
35:18 Examples of Persevering Faith
44:40 Trust in the Lord
57:53 Putting on Your Beautiful Garments
1:11:26 Beautiful Feet
1:24:06 Depart from Babylon
1:27:19 Shutting the Mouths of Kings
1:31:12 The Suffering Servant
1:45:43 The Substitutionary Atonement
1:53:25 Sheep, Shepherd, & and the Savior’s Seed

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