SIL Demanded We Fulfill All Her Demand On Her Wedding & Bring Our Own Food, Guess What?

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“So a quick little backstory. My husband (21M) and his brother (25M) have always had a great relationship. His brother moved away when he was younger and even though they’re now 2 hours apart, they still regularly talk and play games online together. My husband is one of six kids and they all are still in contact and on good terms. His parents are also still married. AITA for telling my soon-to-be sister-in-law that they’re asking too much of their wedding guests?” This whole problem is wedding related and some are considering SIL to be a bridezilla. Thanks for joining me today guys. Let’s get right into the story.

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STORY 1 “Starchild675”
STORY 2 “Spiritual_Victory_62,Consistent-Dog6765”

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