The Side Piece #13 – When To Put Your Partner First

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In this episode, we discuss when it’s appropriate to make your partner a priority in a relationship. We talk about the importance of respect and building a rapport with your partner, as well as the importance of setting boundaries and expectations #relationships #dating #commitment #marriage #respect #boundaries #rapport #romance #love #family #priorities #discussion #expectations #dynamic #lifestyle #life #relationshipgoals #relationshipadvice #datingadvice

0:00:00 Disclaimer
0:01:44 Intro
0:02:20 We are back!
0:05:45 Social media nonsense
0:23:50 Ep 22 Follow up
0:30:05 Chris hates cyclists
0:34:11 Definition of successful marriage
0:41:16 Putting your person above family
0:49:27 The conversation made me a better woman
1:01:36 There is no time frame
1:13:03 He’s not making me a priority

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