How much is a divorce in Texas?

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Getting divorced in Texas? Wondering how much it will cost and how long it’ll take? Divorces involve emotions, legalities, and splitting everything from marital assets and pet’s to children. Every divorce is different, but a few critical decisions will have a massive impact on the cost of your divorce. 

For most divorce will be the biggest financial transition in their lives. The data tells us that 11% of men and 20% of women fall into poverty as a direct result of divorce. So the decisions you make during your divorce are likely to have a significant bearing on your financial future.

In this article you will learn the critical decisions you need to make to reduce the cost of your divorce. The divorce options available to you. The realistic costs you can expect to pay for court fees, professional help such as mediators, collaborative lawyers, divorce coaches, and divorce Attorneys. The average cost of divorce in Texas for uncontested, and contested divorce, and where you can find the support, and professional guidance you will need to complete your divorce favourably. 

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How much is a divorce in TexasSections:

What impacts the cost of divorce in Texas?

Your court application fees are static costing around $335.

What really impacts the cost of your divorce is the ‘legal fees’ meaning the fees you will pay to divorce professionals to get you through the divorce. Put simply the more professional assistance you need the more costly it’s going to be.

You are likely to need greater assistance where there are more disputes between the parties, and that in-turn is likely to increase when there are significant marital assets that need to divided, and when there are children involved, particularly young children.

So in basic maths the greater the dispute, the greater your legal fees, and the greater your costs. 

Types of divorce

In broad terms there are five (5) divorce options available to you, they are;

  • DIY Divorce
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Divorce Arbitration
  • Collaborative Lawyers
  • Litigation / Going to court

So let’s summarise each options so you can learn if this is a viable option for you. And examine the costs you can expect if you go this route. 

How much is a divorce

DIY divorce

So a DIY divorce is possible and viable when both parties mutually agree on financial issues and any custody arrangements. You should still budget for some Solicitor costs to create the necessary Consent Orders and/or Financial orders to make your agreements binding.

You may find it beneficial to have the support and guidance that an experienced Divorce Coach can provide you.

Do you qualify for a DIY divorce in Texas?

  • Lived in the county for minimum 90 days
  • Lived in the state for at least six months
  • Neither party is blaming the other for the end of the marriage
  • Not contesting any aspect of your marital settlement agreement
  • You have agreement on the separate assets
  • You have agreement on any debt
  • You have agreement on custody

Costs of DIY divorce in Texas

  • Divorce application fee: $335
  • Legal Fees: $200-750 per hour
  • Divorce Coach: $75-250

Where to find solicitors & divorce coaches in Texas:

One of the many benefits of a DIY divorce is that you probably be able to use an online Solicitor service to complete the legal paperwork of your agreement.

Unable to complete a DIY divorce?

If you are unable to reach an agreement between you, then you will need outside professional assistance to reach that agreement. There are several options available to you, and we explore these options next…

DIY Cost of divorce

Divorce mediation

The majority of mediators services are charged by-the-hour. Costs vary greatly from $200 – $750 per hour, largely based on geographic location, expertise and experience. Note that some may charge additional ‘meeting preparation’ fees and you should be aware of all the costs before you proceed with any chosen mediator.

There are various different formats, some have two hour long sessions, and you are likely to need several sessions to reach a final agreement. Others offer one long all-day mediation marathon that might last as much as eight hours.

Mediation costs: 

  • Divorce application fee: $335
  • Legal Fees: $200-750 per hour 
  • The average cost of divorce mediation is between $4,000-$8,000 (Dallas).*
* https://snapdivorce.com/how-much-divorce-mediation-costs-in-dallas-tx

Where to find divorce mediators: 

How to choose your mediator:

For more information on how to choose your Mediator, and what questions you should be asking read this article ‘How to choose your divorce professional’.

How much is a divorce

Divorce arbitration

Arbitration is a type of divorce trial, but instead of couples resolving their dispute in a public courtroom (with an expensive judge), your case is heard in a private setting before a chosen arbitrator. 

Divorce arbitration is typically used when couples get stuck in negotiations and want a conclusion without the additional cost and time that going to court would incur.  

Unlike a mediator, the arbitrator is empowered to hear evidence, find facts, and make decisions in either spouse’s favour. 

Arbitration costs: 

  • Divorce application fee: $335
  • Legal Fees: $200-750 per hour 
  • Average arbitration rates range between $1,000 to $3,000 per party for a full day.*
* https://www.texasonlinedivorce.com/how-much-does-a-divorce-cost-in-texas/

Where to find arbitrators: 

You can find a list of divorce Arbitration lawyers in Texas here > LINK

How to choose your arbitrator:

For more information on how to choose your Arbitrator, and what questions you should be asking read this article ‘How to choose your divorce professional’.

How much is a divorce

Collaborative lawyers

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation.

Rather than give over control to the judge the couple decides on what their objectives are for the negotiations themselves. Each has a professional legal representative working with them to achieve those objectives, and all four come together in what’s called four-way meetings.

There may be additional ‘neutral’ professionals, such as a collaborative divorce coaches to aid the process and help ensure progress.

When successful it is also a more cost effective approach as tasks are given to specialist professionals without duplication of effort that would normally be required. 


  • Divorce application fee: $335
  • Legal Fees: $200-750 per hour
  • Average cost: $14,269*
* https://collaborativedivorcetexas.com/study-shows-collaborative-divorce-cost-less/

Where to find collaborative lawyers: 

How to choose your collaborative lawyer:

For more information on how to choose your Collaborative Lawyer, and what questions you should be asking read this article ‘How to choose your divorce professional’.


If you are unable to reach a settlement by other means you may need to go to court and have a judge reach a conclusion for you – litigation

Navigating family law matters through litigation can swiftly become a pricey path. With multiple court appearances, court expenses, and substantial attorney fees, the costs can add up. Each party will be required to assemble evidence in support of their claim, which is likely to take considerable time, and associated legal fees. Not every divorce is destined for the courtroom showdown, mediation and DIY negotiation shine as alternatives that can peacefully settle matters without the courtroom drama when possible. 

Attorney costs: 

  • Divorce application fee: $335
  • Average cost: $89,250*
* https://collaborativedivorcetexas.com/study-shows-collaborative-divorce-cost-less/

Where to find attorneys in Texas: 

How much is a divorce

Divorce fees table

Minimum costs you can expect for each divorce strategy. Your actual costs will depend on the complexity of your specific divorce case.

Application Fee: Estimated Total:
DIY $335 $900 +
Mediation $335 $4,000 +
Arbitration $335 $6,000 +
Collaborative Lawyers $335 $12,000 +
Litigation $335 $60,000 +

“Holding on is believing that there’s only a past;
letting go is knowing that there’s a future.”

FAQ’s for divorce in Texas

Can I file for divorce myself in Texas?

  • Yes, you can file for divorce yourself in Texas. You simply download the forms online, complete them, and file them with the court yourself. You do not need an attorney.  

Is a no-fault divorce possible in Texas

  • Texas is a no-fault divorce state, one does not have to prove fault on behalf of their spouse in order to get a divorce.

Can you divorce in Texas without going to court?

  • Yes, it’s possible to get a divorce in Texas without going to court. This works for uncontested divorces in which you and your ex agree on the terms of your divorce.

How can I get a quick divorce in Texas?

  • The fastest way to get divorced in Texas is if you and your ex agree on the terms of your divorce. You still have to wait for the 60-day waiting period to pass, but you could theoretically be divorced within 61 days.

What is the average cost per hour for a lawyer in the US?

  • The average hourly rate for lawyers across the US is $270.
  • About 70% paid a fee between $200 and $300 per hour. 
  • 20% paid $400 per hour.
  • 10% paid $100 per hour.
  • Data: www.familylaw-tx.com

Average cost of divorce in Texas

  • The average cost of a divorce in Texas without children = $15,600 *
  • The average cost of divorce in Texas with children = $23,500 *
* https://www.findlaw.com/state/texas-law/divorce-in-texas–how-much-will-it-cost-you.html

How to select your divorce mediator, coach, or Attorney?

1: Investment

When considering your investment into professional divorce service providers you should consider the investment versus reward equation. If you have very little shared marital assets, and no children it would seem a poor investment to employ a team of legal Attorneys to fight your case since any financial win in court might be drowned out by the legal fees incurred.

Similarly if you have significant marital assets amounting to several millions of dollars then only investing in a divorce mediator with limited or no experience may not get you the result you were hoping for, and a greater investment of expertise may achieve a better outcome.

2: Search and create your short-list

If you are able to complete a DIY divorce then you may only require an online Attorney to complete the necessary paperwork. In all other cases you are likely to require a divorce professional who is located to close to one or both parties. 

You can do a simple Google search for terms like “a divorce mediator near me”, but we recommend searching a specialised online database that will often provide more relevant information such as costs per hour, testimonials, location (map), and other relevant details.

We recommend creating a short-list of three options, before speaking to each to reach a conclusion.

Specialised online databases:

3: Ask questions

After you have created your short-list of three good candidates. Book an online, telephone or in-person meeting. Prepare a list of relevant questions in advance. Dive into each question deeply to extract all the necessary information you can. Some questions you might try –

  • How long have you been in practice?
  • What type of divorces do you usually handle?
  • Who is your typical client?
  • Have you been a representative of cases that were similar to mine?
  • Are you Board Certified in Marital & Family Law (which is the highest accreditation possible for divorce attorneys)?
  • What is your approach to divorce cases? 
  • What is your fee structure? 
  • Will you be the only attorney working on my case?
  • How often will we communicate, and through what channels? 
  • What is your opinion on mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods? 
  • How do you approach child custody and visitation cases? 
  • How long do you expect my case to take? 
  • Can you provide references from previous clients? 
  • Can you explain what sets you apart from other divorce attorneys? 

While you’re in the consultation, keep a keen eye on the attorney’s communication style. Are they actively attentive to your concerns? Do they manage to break down the legal jargon into easily digestible information? And most importantly, do they exude confidence and expertise in dealing with divorce cases? These cues will help you gauge their suitability for your needs.

How much is a divorce

Divorce costs in Texas conclusion

Your divorce costs will be dictated by your ability to reach an agreement.

The more outside professional assistance required to achieve that, the higher your costs will be.

In most cases the cost of divorce is in line with the complexity of the case and the hostility between the parties. You may wish to share this article with your ex, in the hope that you both will work to reach as much financial and custody resolution as humanly possible to reduce the emotional and financial costs for all involved.

Our advice would be to work hard to reach as much resolution as possible. Turning to legal assistance only as needed to reach those conclusions. We would also recommend that each party makes some investment in a Divorce Coach during this period to provide some unbiased guidance as well as being a valuable emotional support that will enable you to make smarter decisions at a very turbulent and challenging time.

Get the support and expert guidance you need

And remember – You don’t have to go through divorce alone!

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