A Review Of 3 Online Divorce Services

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Marriage end. Divorce happens.

Spending thousands or tens of thousands to get through the divorce process need not happen.

These days, with the internet and online divorce services, it’s easier, faster, and cheaper to get a divorce without a lawyer if you have an uncontested divorce. Thousands of people use online divorce services daily. A good starting point is to have a good understanding of what these services offer and, of course, someone to recommend the best to you. That is where we come in!

5 Online Divorce Services We Have Reviewed

1. Legal Zoom

LegalZoom.com is the industry leader in providing online legal services, so it comes as no surprise that they are equipped to help with your divorce.

LegalZoom launched in 2001, and is considered one of the original players in the online legal forms arena. They are a well-known umbrella provider of legal services for businesses and individuals.

More than four million people have used LegalZoom in the past 20 years, and rightfully so.

How Legal Zoom Works

To file for an uncontested divorce online using LegalZoom, you’ll go through a simple three-step process:

  • Determine your eligibility for their service
  • Complete the online divorce questionnaire at your convenience
  • Print the completed forms and instructions for filing

Begin by selecting your state of residence. Next, answer a series of simple questions, such as “Do you know the location of your spouse?” and “Do you and your spouse have any children under the age of 18 from this marriage?” If your answers to those questions determine that you’re eligible for LegalZoom’s online divorce services, you’ll be taken to a more in-depth questionnaire to help you start the process. These questions relate to children you have with your spouse, assets and debts, and current living situation.

Process, Guarantee and Support offered 

Once those questions are complete and you’ve selected a password for your account, you’ll have to pay the case processing fee. While that fee may vary depending on where you live, we found that for most people the cost is $499. Compare that to what you may have to pay to a divorce lawyer for a simple and an uncontested divorce, that’s a lot of savings. 

After you’ve paid the fee, you’ll have access to your account login and will be able to answer the remaining questions that apply in your situation. For those questions, you’ll have access to help and explanations in case there’s anything you don’t understand. Plus, your paid fees also make you eligible for LegalZoom’s support line, in case you need to speak directly with a documents specialist.

All online divorce cases through LegalZoom are protected by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will need to make your refund request within 60 days of purchasing their divorce services, and it’s possible that you’ll be issued a credit in place of a refund.

Also, keep in mind that if LegalZoom has already paid fees to a third party (such as a governmental entity for filing fees), those funds are non-refundable. Naturally, this satisfaction guarantee only applies to issues related directly to LegalZoom – not any “changes to your situation or your state of mind” – and much like lawyers and all online divorce services, they can’t guarantee the outcome of your divorce proceedings.

2. Complete Case

Founded in 2000, CompleteCase.com is one of the internet’s most reliable DIY divorce services as well. They have helped 700,000 users to skip the costly, inconvenient, drawn-out divorce process.

Signing up for Complete Case is easy:

  1. Visit CompleteCase.com
  2. Choose your state. If you and your spouse are separated and living in different states, including their location on the form.
  3. Answer the simple questionnaire about you, your spouse, your divorce conditions, and your dependents age 18 or under. Answer the questions on the form as accurately as you can. 
  4. Once you’re finished, you can print out your forms and take them to your local courthouse for review.

With Complete Case, you can save money by cutting out the middle man. Their basic services are highly affordable, letting you start your divorce proceedings without an attorney.

If you’re going to use Complete Case, you and your spouse need to agree on key points of contention. For example, couples who agree on child support, custody, and how they will split their shared assets are good candidates for an online DIY divorce.

Options and Guarantee

Complete Case has an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Many online divorce services lack BBB accreditation, so you’ll know you’re getting quality services when you work with Complete Case.

The standard Complete Case package costs $299 before court fees. If you buy the basic package, you’re responsible for getting your spouse’s signature and filing your forms at the local courthouse.

For an additional $299, Complete Case will take your service a step further. The Complete Case VIP Package is perfect for a fast, convenient divorce if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

When you buy the VIP Package, Complete Case will:

  •         Get your spouse’s signature
  •         Send them their forms
  •         File your documents with the court

If you’re looking for an online divorce option, Complete Case is a great place to start. They provide everything you need to get started, helping you file for divorce with ease.

3. DivorceOnline

If price is a major concern, DivorceOnline.com may be the right choice for you. They offer quick, inexpensive services for couples who want to dissolve their marriage without an attorney’s assistance. 

Their services are convenient, too. Forms and questionnaires are simple and straightforward – you shouldn’t have any trouble entering your information to start the process.

Divorce Online has been around for more than 17 years, making it one of the oldest divorce services on the internet. They’ve helped more than half a million people file for divorce, giving them a long-standing reputation for quality, effective service.

Like many other online divorce services on this list, you’ll file paperwork at your own pace. You’ll start with a guided question-and-answer form where you’ll enter your location, your spouse’s personal information, and other important data about your property, children, and division of assets.

If you and your spouse agree on how you’ll divide property, debts, and custody, it won’t take long to finish your divorce with DivorceOnline. They offer a helpful customer support line if you need help from a representative.

Once you fill out your divorce papers, DivorceOnline will send you instructions for filing in your state. You’ll have to take it to the courthouse yourself – they do not offer delivery services for divorce papers.

Service and Guarantee

If your local court doesn’t accept the paperwork, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Their services start at $139, which gives you access to all the documents you need for you and your spouse..

Unfortunately, DivorceOnline is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you’re taking a risk when you buy their services. Their website is outdated and challenging to navigate, making it a poor choice if you’re not internet-savvy.

When money is the only thing standing in your way to divorce, DivorceOnline can be a good choice.

Our Final Words

With a rise of companies offering similar services, compare other online divorce sites contending for your business to find the best fit for your budget and circumstances.



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