My Ex is Angry and Bitter. Will it Ever Go Away?

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Below is an e-mail I received from a woman who writes: “My ex is angry and bitter.”

Jackie, I am going on 2 years since my ex-husband and I have been separated. My ex went through a process of seeming okay with it, then briefly seemed upset and then he got MAD and has stayed mad since. My ex is angry and bitter at this point.

We communicate over texts because he refuses to speak to me or “be in the same room” with me, and I’ve accepted that as part of his process. I’ve accepted that he may just be angry and bitter for a very long time, but constantly being on the receiving end of that anger has me rethinking my approach. I tell myself every time he lays into me about something “take the higher road” and I do. I speak to him in a civil way, I try to be as accommodating as I can when it comes to his time with our son.


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I’m starting to wonder if I’m maybe becoming a little bit of a doormat, and I don’t want that to happen. Where is that line? Where is the line between being accommodating and patient and just being a doormat for him to stomp on and walk all over?

Isn’t divorce anger awful?! I know many men and women who after years and years are unable to let go of anger and bitterness. It’s sad, it’s infuriating, it’s frustrating, and sometimes I feel like I want to slap them and say, “Wake up!” Even when the people get remarried, some still burn with anger, and still feel the need to treat their ex like crap.

What is particularly bothersome about it is that the children grow up seeing this behavior, so what chance will they ever have of NOT acting the same way as adults—with the same anger and bitterness– in the event that they get divorced, or even in marriage?


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You ask, “Where is the line between being accommodating and being a doormat?” That is for you to decide and I think it depends on the situation and many other factors. I’m sure there are times where you let his anger and insults and dirty looks roll off. Then there are other times you can’t resist defending yourself. There are probably other times when you just cry about it, and other times you get furious. I get it.

The best advice I can give you for “My Ex is angry and bitter” is:

10 things to tell yourself when your ex shows divorce anger and bitterness:

1. This is HIS issue, not mine. He is the one with the problem. I am not.
2. The fact that he is still so angry clearly shows he isn’t over it and might never be. I am actually sad for him in that regard.


Rita Morris, Certified Life Coach and Parenting Coach


3. This is something in my life that I have zero control over. Zero. So, if I can’t control it, what good does it do to let it bother me? 



4. My son is going to grow up and sadly, he will remember how my ex treated me. But, he has eyes and he will also remember how I treated and spoke to his dad. He will be smart enough to recognize the difference. In fact, even at a young age, he’s getting the picture.
5. My ex can only hurt me as much as I let him. I have the power to let his divorce anger roll off of me and be unaffected by it.


This is not real estate as usual.


6. I will no longer hold out hope that he is going to change. It only leads to disappointment.
7. I can only be myself and try to take the high road as much as possible. Being rude and angry back doesn’t help my son or me.
8. The only thing that truly matters in regards to the relationship I have with my ex is our son. He is my priority, and I will keep that in mind at all times.
9. I will continue to be polite to my ex because it is in the best interest of our son. If I have to grit my teeth at times, so be it. It won’t kill me.


Ruthe Schwartz, Insurance and Financial Professional


10. I will do my best to live the life I want and be happy, and minimize thinking about my ex’s divorce anger. Instead, I will think of how I can live the happiest, healthiest life I can.

The thing about anger and bitterness is, it’s the most unproductive emotion a person can have. It’s such a waste, and it just makes everyone feel crappy. I completely understand anger at the beginning of a divorce. But at some point, you have to let things go. It’s not easy to do, but your happiness depends on it. Being angry hurts the angry person the most. Life is way too short for that. You just keep being YOU, keep taking care of your son, live your life, and make it a happy one!


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