6 Benefits Of Online Divorce

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We often hear about the growing role of the internet in the divorce process. It isn’t unheard of for divorce filings to include the word “Facebook.” A wife reconnects with an old high school boyfriend on Facebook, and the next thing you know, divorce has been filed.

That isn’t the only way the internet is playing a larger role in the divorce process, though. The internet has become a more convenient place for dissolving marriages, thanks to online divorce services.

If you desire a hassle-free and affordable divorce, it’s easy to understand why online divorce services are growing in popularity for those seeking an uncontested divorce.

Who can File for Divorce Online?

You’re more likely to be able to take advantage of the affordability of an online divorce if you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce settlement before filing for divorce. That and the factors below should be taken into consideration when filing for divorce online.

  • If the marriage was short-term
  • If there are no shared assets or debts
  • If there are no children
  • If any disagreements have already been mediated

If all or at least most of these factors are present in your marriage, then online divorce services may be advantageous to you.

6 Benefits of an Online Divorce

What are the 6 top benefits of using an online divorce company when you’re contemplating a divorce?

1. Online Divorce is Easier and Less Painful Than a Litigated Divorce

Ending a marriage is a painful and stressful process. Add to that the adversarial nature of a litigated divorce, and you make matters worse. Let’s face it, divorce attorneys are in business to make money, and amping up conflict is the way they do it.

With online divorce, however, most of the legwork is done for you without the need for attorneys. When you eliminate divorce attorneys, the entire process is smoother, less painful, and quicker. You’re provided the needed forms, fill them out, file them, and the process works for you, not against you.

2. An Online Divorce Saves You Money

According to a survey conducted by legal website Nolo, the average (mean) total cost of divorce in 2019 was $12,900, while the median cost was $7,500. However, If you do your own divorce papers and your divorce is amicable, costs could be under $500, according to LegalZoom.com.

By getting an online divorce, you can save yourself thousands of dollars! How is this possible? You don’t need an attorney, which means not getting stuck in all the conflict stirred up when you introduce an attorney into the divorce process. There are no attorney fees, no court costs, and no mediators to pay!

3. File for  Online Divorce, and you Won’t End up in Divorce Court

Most online divorce services were created with this in mind. Their goal is to keep customers out of divorce court and, due to this, offer services that make the divorce process easier and less conflicted.

For example, some online divorce services offer mediation services for issues such as child custody and child support. They encourage the use of visitation schedules and communication services to keep things civil and out of the hands of mediators and divorce court judges.

An online divorce service will work with you to keep down conflict and make the settlement process easier instead of working against you.

4. Additional Help is Available if Needed

Some online divorce services offer additional help, for example, if you don’t know the location of your spouse, you will be helped in finding them. Another way some online services offer additional support is by having attorneys on staff to answer questions someone may have about marital debt, child custody, or other divorce-related issues. Please request information about additional services before contracting with any online divorce service.

5. Online Divorce is Convenient

When you file for divorce at home on your computer there is no need to schedule meetings with a divorce attorney or, make trips to the courthouse. You can start and stop the process as needed at your own convenience.

Online divorce means:

  • You don’t miss work
  • No need to worry about childcare
  • No waiting inline
  • No need to rearrange your life

You create a username and password and sign in at your convenience to track and update your case files and documents.

6. No Need to Worry Over and Hassle with Paperwork

I’ve been through a litigated divorce. Twenty years later, and I still have boxes of paperwork in my attic! When you file for divorce online, all your paperwork in stored online, in one convenient location, and accessible to you at all times.

No need to worry about delivering paperwork to your attorney and then worrying about the attorney losing it or not properly filing it. No need to worry about taking paperwork to the post office to mail off and crossing your fingers that it gets to the proper address.

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is the paper chase you become engaged in. With an online divorce, you avoid that aspect altogether.

Divorce, in general, can test your limits. It’s painful and stressful, but being able to get an online divorce is heaven sent due to its many benefits. Do your research, know how the process works and choose the online divorce services that best fit your situation. Then enjoy the benefits of a more expedited divorce process.

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