How Virtual Therapy Can Help Single Moms in 2023

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As a mom–especially a single mom–you spend so much time caring for other people. This can leave little time to take care of yourself and your own needs. While it’s completely understandable that you devote your energy to your children, it’s also important to prioritize your well being.

Without the necessary care and attention, your mental health may suffer. Therapy, especially virtual therapy, can be an incredibly helpful resource. Having a trusted confidant can help you navigate all of life’s stressors while getting the support you need–and deserve.

How is virtual therapy different from traditional therapy?

The main difference between virtual and traditional counseling is the way it is delivered. Virtual therapy typically takes place over a video platform, but can also take place over the phone. Traditional counseling is held in-person. However, therapists use many of the same approaches and techniques with both kinds of treatment.

While virtual therapy is still relatively new, research suggests that it can be just as helpful as traditional counseling. In fact, there may even be unique benefits to virtual therapy that in-person sessions can’t always offer.

Benefits of virtual therapy for single moms

Single moms are likely to benefit from any type of counseling, but virtual therapy can be particularly helpful. Each person’s experience in therapy is different, though there are many common benefits to virtual counseling. Here are just a few.

Flexible scheduling

Virtual therapy can be easier to fit into your schedule than traditional in-person therapy. This is especially true for single moms who are already stretched thin. Since you can join a virtual session at the click of a button, you cut down on time spent commuting to and from a therapy office.

More time with your family

Since virtual therapy reduces the time you spend getting to appointments, it can offer you more time with your loved ones. As a single mom, you know the value of quality time, so you may find it helpful to opt for online therapy.

Cost savings

Online therapy can also help you save money. Driving or taking public transportation to and from appointments every week adds up over time. It might also force you to take more time off of work, which can take away from your income.

Feel more comfortable opening up

Therapy is an incredibly vulnerable process. Being able to access appointments from the comfort of your own home may make it easier to open up to your therapist since you’re in a safe, familiar space.

Connect with an online therapist

There are many different online therapists to choose from in 2023. The hiring process on your end can be hard, but always look for a therapist who specializes in areas you think you’re struggling with.  This can help make sure you are getting qualified help.

It’s also important to get help as soon as you feel like you need it. Prolonging any mental illness can cause more issues in your life. Tackling it early can make all the difference in getting your life back on track.

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