'It's turning into a problem': Megyn Kelly slams CUNY after anti-Israel grad speech

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Sky News Australia contributor Megyn Kelly has slammed a taxpayer-funded New York university for doing “absolutely nothing” about a graduating law student’s anti-Israel commencement speech until it blew up into a news story.

Top officials at the City University of New York Law School faced backlash for their delayed response to the commencement speech by 2023 graduate Fatima Mousa Mohammed.

It took them over two weeks to address her accusations of the NYPD being “fascist” and Israel engaging in indiscriminate killings of Palestinians.

“Now that it’s blown up into a story, they issue a statement saying ‘we are 100 per cent against hate speech, hate speech has no place here at CUNY,'” Ms Kelly told Sky News Australia host Paul Murray.

“At the same time guess what they’re not saying, what’s going to happen to her, what’s the remedy … what’s your solution to make sure this never happens again? Because it’s turning into a problem.”


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